The E4 is the European Hiking Route starting in Portugal, going through Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece, where finally it finishes in Crete. Crossing the island from Elafonissi in the west  to Kato Zakros in the East. The route is marked with black-and-yellow posts and signs


Many parts of this route take in harsh with dry and barren hiking conditions. Carrying supplies and especially adequate water is essential. All appropriate preparations should be made and detailed walking maps are a must. It is advisable to walk as a group of two or more and to inform someone who can check your progress, where you are and your intended next destination at each stage of the journey. 


Many parts of the pathways on certain sections of the walk are reported from time to time as being completely blocked, badly signed or not signed at all. Sougia to Agia Roumelli is said to be very bad and not always passable. Good to ask the locals before starting out and allow for the possibility of having to return to the start of your journey after many hours walking. 

Other hikers have reported that a lot of the distances shown are inaccurate. We advise paying attention to detailed maps and to study them thoroughly before each day's route is planned. It is easy to get lost so please take all precautions necessary and good luck.

The European Ramblers Association (ERA) is an umbrella organisation for over 50 ramblerís associations across Europe and was formed in 1969. It participates in the Council of Europe as a non-government organisation. www.era-ewv-ferp.com

In Greece the E4 path is looked after by the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing and their website is www.eooa.gr.

The E4 European Walking Path in Crete is 320 kms in total, beginning at Kastelli-Kissamos in the west and ending at Kato Zakros in the east. The path takes in some of the most beautiful scenery and interesting hiking country in Crete, it is a hard path with a choice between an alpine section and coastal section and is for experienced trekkers. 

1. Kastelli Kissamos - Sfinari 2. Sfinari - Kefali 3. Kefali - Elafonissi
4. Elafonissi - Paleochora 5. Paleochora - Sougia 6. Sougia - Ayia Roumeli
7. Ayia Roumeli - Hora Sfakion 8. Hora Sfakion - Kallikratis 9. Kallikratis - Kato Poros
10. Kato Poros - Angouseliana 11. Angouseliana - Spili 12. Spili - Gerakari
13. Gerakari - Fourfouras 14. Fourfouras - Psiloritis - Nida Ebene
15. Nida Ebene - Giristi - Ano Asites 16. Ano Asites - Ano Archanes 17. Ano Archanes - Kastelli Pediadas
18. Kastelli Pediadas - Kastamonitsa - Kato Metochi / Lassithi Ebene
19. Kato Metochi / Lassithi Ebene - Koudoumalia 20. Koudoumalia - Selakano
21. Selakano - Prina 22. Prina - Vassiliki 23. Vassiliki - Chrisopigi
24. Chrisopigi  - Handras 25. Handras - Zakros - Kato Zakros





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