Everyone knows that the tour companies offer the holidaymaker a unique choice of summer destinations. You can take your pick of many places or islands in Greece. But deciding 'Where to go' can be the first challenge then drawing up a short list of places taking into consideration the preferences as to what everyone wants out of this normally once a year holiday. Then there is the booking of the tickets, deciding whether to go by car, aeroplane, ferry boat and of course what accommodation you want self-catering, hotel or villa and the added expense of hiring a car and the excursions - it all adds up.


Why not take a leaf out of the Europeans book and camp? Now before you turn the page and think I'm bonkers, I'm not just suggesting that you necessarily try your hand at erecting a one man tent for a family of four, but why lock yourself up in a sterile hotel or rented room when there is just so much to see on the island, why not think seriously for a moment about relaxing at one of the campsites near the shoreline.


Camping is not just for hippies or island hopping any longer. You can rent a camper van for roughly the same amount of money as the price of all the above. You can even make it a touring holiday. Firstly by flying cheaply via Athens and arranging to pick up your vehicle from there and drive the coastal route to a ferry port. There are quite a few campsites on the island luxury tent or otherwise! or if you prefer you can hunt down lots of isolated oasis so you can really get away from it all. Just think, midnight dips, barbecues on the beach and not far to fall into bed if you partake of too much of the hard stuff!!!!!




Whether you are in a tent or a campervan (unless its a good tourer), you will definitely need a portable gas cooker to prepare meals - unless you are prepared to eat cold or out every night. You will also need your own source of light. If you do decide to stay in a campsite you must be aware of the rules and respect the silent hours of others. Shade is a must. Avoid staying near the road, restaurant and toilets - for obvious reasons. Don't sprawl your belongings everywhere or hang your washing out all over the bushes!

For the romantics of you who prefer solitary camping remember it is actually forbidden to camp just anywhere that takes your fancy, but the police are very understanding and will not move you on unless, it is dangerous or you are trespassing on private property, or at the edge or bottom of a cliff even though the view is beautiful!

There are three camp sites near Kastelli, one near Hania, two east of Rethymnon, one near Heraklion, two near Hersonisos, one in Malia, one east of Ayios Nikolaos.
On the south coast two in Ierapetra, one in Matala, one in Komo, one in Ayia Galini, one in Plakias, one in Paleochora. 




A unique relationship with nature can be formed whilst spending time outdoors, appreciating the landscape and scenery around you, watching animals and birds. The most important rule is to protect all of this and not build fires on grassland, drop a lighted flame or cigarette or leave glass around, especially in the summer months when the ground is like a tinderbox and fires spread so quickly, above all dispose of all your litter in the appropriate places, you will find green refuse bins everywhere. Please make sure you leave the area as you found it, and I know some areas are not as clean as they should be so if there is any rubbish please help the island and remove it with your own. 
'Efkaristo' - Thank you.




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