When Greeks go on holiday they go with a purpose. They want traditional tasty island specialties, good wine, seafood and fish, fish and more fish. Whenever possible, (if they haven't brought their own that is) they love nothing more than to race the ocean waves in speed boats or on jet skies, to find quiet isolated coves and beaches.


Greeks on holiday often swim in the morning, whether it is pebble, shingle or sand, the beach doesn't really matter to them. What does is that it has a taverna and or kantina close by. They stop in the water for ages, cooling off and talking to each other, all you tend to see often in the height of the summer is a group of hats bobbing up and down in the water!


They lunch preferably in a waterside taverna. The food is normally a meze of different dishes, all placed in the centre of the table and everyone just dives in! 
Soft drinks or beer mainly in the day only are drunk and copious quantities of water.


Then for most a siesta during the afternoon, followed by another swim leaving the beach between often at around 6 or 7 o'clock.  Greek people believe that the more you swim in the summer, the less likely it will be that you catch colds in the winter months. They then shower, dress in their finery and promenade through the village, town or resort, they often pick out a chic café bar for coffee, and people watch until much later. 


Then another wander is in order around the streets in the cool of the evening before eating at a local taverna or restaurant usually around 10.00 o'clock. Followed by more coffee and brandy and perhaps an ice-cream or dessert at a zakaroplastio.

Why not try it - When in Greece!



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