August 15th was traditionally the first day of the Greek hunting season. Nevertheless for most of our feathered and furry friends (for a short while at least) they could breathe a sigh of relief, as the tourist season had not yet ended, so these macho men with their large and small weapons were still busying themselves with birds of another kind!


Now they are on the prowl again, dressed to kill. With their Rambo camouflage outfits, and strutting their stuff walking around like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Guns full of shot that travel a huge radius, which I might add does nothing to reflect their skill - they have to hit something. Perhaps they should take up clay pigeon shooting or target practice on a range or field designed for the purpose. But then of course they couldn't brag about the one that got away, or how many they bagged, as they would have the proof in front of them in the form of broken bits of clay or on a piece of paper!

This of course happens every year all over the Mediterranean and not just on Crete. A six month period of carnage that takes its toll on many species, this together with the fires of the summer months has brought some rare birds and animals to the brink of destruction. Hunting is permitted so game, rabbit and hare appear more in the winter dishes.


They think its wonderful to have six or seven tiny little birds, nothing more than an insignificant amount of flesh and some small bones swinging lifelessly, reduced to a bundle of soggy feathers on their belts designed specially for the purpose. Whilst a myriad more are left in the fields unfound by the pack of dogs at the heals of these human predators. Hardly seems worth while, with all the effort to get the feathers off and to gut the poor things ready to fry in a pan. Head and all are devoured, full of course with an adequate helping of shot.


It would also be nice if, not only would they spare a compassionate thought for their prey but also for those of "us in bed!" 
Banging away from early hours until late into the night. Oops! I mean the hunters of course. And wouldn't it be great if the buzzards and eagles could use Kamikaze tactics on these guys and ram home their beaks into the hunters or maybe we could all ask the makers of Alfred Hitchcock's film to lend us the "BIRDS"








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