The 'periptero' (street kiosk) is an institution, they can be found in towns on street corners or on a square. Whether situated on the loud, hectic main road or in a sleepy suburb, all is still right with the world in a 'periptero' which is really just the smallest supermarket imaginable. They consist of a hut with a roof, measuring one square yard inside, providing just enough room for one chair and stuffed to the ceiling with goods. There are always a few boxes stacked on the floor waiting to be unpacked. No town or village would be complete without these establishments. They include sweets, drinks, ice creams, savoury snacks, toys for the little ones and 'komboloy' for the grown ups, batteries, cigarettes, newspapers, tissues, napkins, knives, scissors, toiletries and somehow, as if by magic, you always seem to find the very thing you forgot to buy elsewhere including stamps. 

Kiosks have long opening hours and stock many items you might need when other shops are closed. The list is exhaustive just ask and they will probably have it! 

They were often run by the war veterans, but became so successful that their families took them over, or they were bought out.


Hania and Rethymnon and other large towns and ports also have all-night kiosks - just ask a taxi driver where they are.





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